Jingle Bell Jack

I had to explain to my son that... 1. I was sorry about how the cover probably totally creeped him out. Sometimes the world is scary. 2. However, the vast majority of clowns are nice and just want to make kids happy, and have not and will not commit homicide.  3. It's good to read... Continue Reading →


Tawny Scrawny Lion

I had to explain a few different concepts to my son: 1. If the lion was actually catching even one monkey, kangaroo, zebra, bear, camel, and/or elephant a week - even if he had to chase it! - he probably wouldn't be so scrawny just from burning the calories alone. The tawny scrawny lion, indeed,... Continue Reading →

The Three Little Pigs

I had to explain to my son that while it's understandable that the pigs ended up taking some drastic measures to defend themselves after the wolf's repeated break-in attempts, that 1) it would have been a better idea - even if just to cover their asses - for the pigs to involve law enforcement after... Continue Reading →

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